4x JAGWIRE Alloy Outer Cable Ends - Sealed or Open - 4mm - 4.5mm - 5mm Gear / Brake

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4 x JAGWIRE Alloy Outer Cable End Caps

Open End Caps 4mm or 5mm
Suitable for 4mm or 5mm outer cable housing
Alloy open-end caps have no o-ring or nylon ring

Lined end caps
These have an internal sleeve that extends out from the end.
This liner protects the inner cable from the opening in the end cap

Sealed End Caps 4mm or 4.5mm
Suitable for 4mm or 4.5mm outer cable housing
Alloy sealed end caps feature a small rubber o-ring in the base to help prevent dust and water from entering the housing.
Best used with derailleur systems

5mm POP Point of Power End Caps
POP (Point Of Power) end caps are designed specifically for use with 5mm compressionless brake housing.
This type of housing requires an end cap, but not all frames and brake calipers are built to accept a standard-size end cap.
POP end caps act as a reducer, allowing compressionless housing to be used in these situations.

4 cable end caps supplied (please choose size/type from the drop down menu )
Brand Jagwire
Condition New