Brake Cables

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Galvanised or Stainless Steel

Brake and Shift Inner Wire

Low-cost, no-nonsense shift and brake cables made from spiral-bound galvanised or stainless steel strands. While both are great for entry-level, low-cost bike repairs, the stainless steel offers greater resistance to corrosion

Slick Galvanised or Slick Stainless Steel

Brake and Shift Inner Wire

An upgrade from basic cables, galvanised and stainless steel strands are pre-stretched, then extruded through a die that removes the rough edges resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for riders balancing performance, durability and cost. The stainless steel option offers greater resistance to corrosion.

Pro Polished Slick Stainless

Brake and Shift Inner Wire

Slick stainless cables undergo a polishing process to further remove imperfections. This creates a smoother surface with lower friction than PTFE-coated cables. With no coating, these are highly durable and compatible with all performance housings and lubricants. Typically used on high-end bikes, by riders wanting improved performance. Gold tint is applied for easy identification.

Different types of brake inner cable ends available

  • Campagnolo®


  • SRAM® / Shimano®

    SRAM® / Shimano®

  • Universal Mountain

    Universal Mountain