JAGWIRE Shimano / Campagnolo Road Bike Inner Brake Cable - Slick Stainless - Pro

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JAGWIRE Road Bike Inner Brake Cable
(Pear shaped nipple for drop handlebars)

Choice of Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo Pear Shaped Nipple
Shimano & Sram use the same type nipple, Campagnolo uses a different size and shape of pear nipple

Slick Stainless Cables
Slick cables go through a machining process where the high points of the outer layer of the wire are removed to produce a smooth, slick surface

Pro Polished Slick Stainless
Uncoated slick stainless steel cables that are polished to reduce friction
Cables are tinted gold for easy identification

Cable approx 1.5mm Diameter
Approx 1700mm Long
Cable end crimp included

This listing is for one cable taken from a bulk box
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Brand Jagwire
Condition New