Pair of Zefal Doowah Hi Viz Reflective Ankle / Arm Bands / Cycle Trouser Clips

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Reflective Trouser Bands Zefal Doowahs

Zefal Doowahs are high viz reflective trouser straps that can be used to prevent your trousers catching on your chain-rings, and increase your visibility on the road day or night.
Their bright yellow Velcro construction is easy to use and to be seen, the 11cm approx length reflective strip drastically increases your low light or night-time visibility when light strikes the material.
Supplied as a pair ( 2 Doowahs )
Each strap is 31cm long, plus a 5cm Velcro tab (36cm long in total)
Can be used or worn as arm-bands, or ankle bands etc.
Brand Zefal
Condition New